Dive Into the New Age of
Data-based Trading and Investing!

Our Unique Selling Points

Create your own trading strategy with just a few mouse clicks.

Set up fundamental and technical parameters in our app or subscribe strategies of our community.

Let your data-based strategy work every day without emotions.

Trading decisions are data-based and fully automated executed.
Once the strategy is defined, the bot will exactly work the way it should.

Perfect Usability

Perfect combination of a clear interface with all the complexity in the backend to give the user the perfect usability.

For Beginners and Pros

The user can set up all the parameters in a pro-view or set up the most relevant parameters in a beginner-view.


We enable everyone to benefit of professional
data-based, quantitative Trading

We are the first provider, who breaks down the complexity and necessary programming skills of quantitative trading to a clear application.